All About Us

Hi there, my name is Jago, I'm the one on the left with my youngest daughter and this is Mark on the right with his partner, and together we run the Gentlemans Face Care Club - a brand which we’ve built from a simple idea to what is now one of the fastest growing mens face care brands in the UK.

We thought there was much to improve in the early days of mens grooming products, with too much emphasis on throw away, low quality products. We believed men, like women deserved to pamper themselves too and have access to their own range of luxury products.

This is what drove us to launch a new brand of great quality products with our own ethos about caring for the environment.

Traditional shaving is on a big trend these days which is why we focus much of our time on shaving creams, aftershave balms and shaving brushes. But so are beards which is why we created a whole range of beard care products including beard oils, balms, washes, brushes and combs for the bearded gent. (Since then Mark also grew a beard and guess which brand of products he uses? Yes, you guessed it - ours 😀!!)

Here's just a little bit about us…

Jago - Cofounder of Gentlemans Face Care Club

'I'm married to Ruth and we have 2 children and a little dog called Indie who you can see here after I've just rescued her again from another fight she's picked with next doors dogs! (Don't worry it's mostly 'all bark and no bite' and she always starts it!)

I’ve been involved in businesses of various kinds my entire life and I've amassed a wide range of experience and skills during that time. In more recent years I built a thriving online business, only for it to be completely torn apart by Googles algorithm changes back in 2008. I took some time to lick my wounds after that and plan my next move. In 2014, I met Mark and we starting chatting about what we’d like to do together in business. Eventually deciding on creating a mens face care brand.'

Mark - Cofounder of Gentlemans Face Care Club

'As a man travelling throughout the world on business, I was always struggling to find quality grooming products to manage my skin care and appearance.

The products I did use were poor value, clearly made no effort to protect the environment and the companies involved offered nothing in the way of customer care.

Then I happened to meet up with Jago, in the gym, and as our initial discussions developed, we realised that the marketplace offered nothing to the modern gent!'

We wanted to build a company that had ethics at its roots and this is why we're constantly striving for new and innovative ways to package our products with the minimum amount of waste and damage to our planet. It’s difficult to do this for some products which is why we're always looking for alternatives to the usual things that men use on their faces.

So Gentlemans Face Care Club (GFCC) was born!  

We both 100% agreed GFCC always has to offer -

  • Premium products for all gentlemen - both shavers and the bearded folk - of which Mark is one
  • Give back to our environment – especially important was the protection of badgers and planting trees
  • Highest quality customer support – including a unrivalled 100% satisfaction guarantee from every product we sell

So we decided that until all of our product packaging is made from sustainable or recyclable sources, we would start a tree planting project instead and in the meantime continue to search for alternatives to make our brand as green and sustainable as we possibly can.

We’re still working on it, but we’ll get there - that’s a promise…

So that’s us in a nutshell - We're everyday men, with a shared vision and a passion for sustainability. Please join us as we strive to make the well-groomed man who cares for his planet an achievable goal.