We're Against Animal Cruelty

Here at Gentlemans Face Care Club (GFCC) we firmly believe that a great shave shouldn't be achieved at the cost of another creature suffering, so we're totally opposed to the use of Badger or Boar hair for shaving brushes.

To combat the inhumane farming of Badgers in some Asian countries, we decided to create our own synthetic shaving brush, but not just any shaving brush...

According to many of our customers - possibly the best shaving experience ever. Actually way better than Boar or Badger hair, but without the unnecessary suffering of either animal for the pleasure...

Oh, also it's an Amazon 5 star product by the way!

Here are just a few of our happy customer's comments from Amazon...

Cruelty Free Shaving Brush AND The Highest Quality

Our brush is not only cruelty free, but we also haven't compromised on quality either and provide you with a superior quality shaving brush that will last you a lifetime.

Most shaving brushes are made using Badger hair. Despite being an unethical and cruel practice, it's still a traditional way of making shaving brushes.

However, apart from the moral argument, there are a couple of major drawbacks to using a pure Badger bristle brush...

One of the biggest problems with using Badger hair is the bristles can smell really bad. Also Badger hairs can vary in length, meaning that any shorter hairs in the head of the brush are likely to fall out.

But our brush is made using synthetic hairs, so there are no animals involved, and all of the hairs are the same length and so will not fall out, giving you a far superior product.

We're Proud Supporters Of The Badger Trust

To show GFCC's commitment to our principles, we're proud to support the Badger Trust. You can find out more details at https://www.badgertrust.org.uk

We also donate to our local Badger support group, here in the borough of Calderdale - https://www.calderdalebadgergroup.org.uk