Hot Weather Beard Tips

Beards and hot weather can go together really well and having got your beard looking good, there really is no reason to be reaching for your razor and to even be considering parting company with it just because its getting a little warmer!

hot weather beard tipsBeards do take a little extra maintenance during the warmer months to keep them in good condition and looking really good it’s true, but there’s a bonus to having a beard as it can have a cooling effect on your face and help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Here are our sunshine tips for keeping your beard looking good this summer…

Wash Your Beard Frequently

Wash your bear really frequntly during  hot sunny weather as the higher temperatures will make you sweat more and your beard and the area around it  will get damp with sweat and be more likely to trap food particles and dust in  the air. If you don’t keep your beard clean, this will result in clogged pores  and spots

Use a moisturising beard shampoo and afterwards rinse your beard with cool water and gently pat dry with a soft towel. Apply a beard moisturiser to keep the  hair and the skin underneath it soft and supple.  In reality, you will find that you have to wash your beard nearly every day, so add a few extra minutes to your daily wash routine.

Top Hot Weather Beard Tips – Use Beard Oil More Often

It is really important to keep your beard well moisturised during the summer months, but sometimes, even with the regular use of moisturinng balm, beards can get itchy and frizzy.

The solution if this happens is to apply a small amount of beard oil (a drop about the size of a 5p coin is perfect) and gently massage it into your beard so that each hair is gently coated from follicle to tip.

Do this twice a day in the summer months and you will see and feel the difference within a week. If you are wondering which beard oil to buy, why not give our very own Premium Beard Oil a go!

Use A Good Sunscreen

hot weather beard tipsIt is really important to use a sunscreen regularly on your beard as the sun can damage the quality and texture of the hair as well as fade the colour. Using normal sunscreen cream is good in an emergency but the cream is too thick for daily use.

There are several sun creams on the market that have been specially designed for beards and although they are a little pricier, after all the hard work, your beard is definitely worth it!

SPF 30 is the ideal one to choose.

As well as the sun causing damage to your beard, the chlorine in swimming pool water and salt in sea water can both make beard hair brittle and liable to break, whereas the specially designed sun creams help lock the moisture into the hair follicles to protect them.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is importqant for your health to drink at least two litres of water every day during hot weather. Your body needs to be hydrated to function well and your skin really suffers if you become dehydrated because each skin cell is composed of 90% water.  Your skin looks and feels good when it is properly hydrated and a tell-tale sign with beards is when the hairs become brittle.

Trim Your Beard

You will want to keep your beard looking as smart and stylish as it did in the cooler months so a regular trim is essential. You may feel that if your beard is longer and thicker, that you would prefer to  keep it shorter and lighter during the summer. You can attempt to cut it into a shorter, smart style  yourself, or you can pop along to your local barber’s shop  to have it perfectly cut – which you can then maintain more easily.

Brush Your Beard More Often

You may well find that in hot sunny weather, if the hair is long enough, it will tangle more easily. The easiest way to solve this problem is to increase the number of times each day you brush your beard or specially designed beard comb.

What To Do With A Sun Damaged Beard

hot weather beard tipsIf your beard is looking really dry and uncared for, there is a remedy you can try that can really make the difference!

The hot towel treatment can be really rejuvenating for beards that have lost their silkiness or are not looking so good. This treatment should not be hurried, but enjoyed so make sure you have your favourite chair and magazine at the ready!

Hot Weather Beard Tips Towel Treatment – Emergency Beard Therapy!!

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Drop double the amount of beard oil into the palm of your hand than you would usually use ( equal to two 5p coins). Rub the oil with both your hands and then gently rub it it into your beard, making sure to get the oil all the way down to the roots of the hairs and  that the oil is coating the whole of the hair shaft  and skin completely. A shaving brush made from boar’s bristle can help to do this easily and very thoroughly.
  2. Wet a soft hand towel with warm water – blood heat is ideal- and then squeeze out any excess water.
  3. Lay back in the chair or on the bed. Drape the towel over your beard.
  4. When your towel cools down, repeat the process, dipping the towel in some more warm water and squeezing well.
  5. Keep covering your beard with a hot damp towel for 20- 30 minutes
  6. When the time is up, carefully remove any excess beard oil and then rinse your face with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  7. Repeat this procedure several times a week as your beard will really benefit from this TLC

We hope these tips will help you to keep your beard looking really good this summer – even when temperatures soar. It is certainly important that you keep your beard looking well cut and in good condition as beards are going to continue trending into the next few years.