Is Wet Shaving Bad For Your Skin?

Ask five men this question and you are likely to get five different answers!
Their answers will depend on their profession and whether they must be clean-shaven for work or whether they are someone who likes the daily routine that begins with their morning shave.
But there are many who say they find shaving time-wasting and inconvenient.
is wet shaving every day bad for your skin as you get olderSo let’s discuss is wet shaving bad for your skin if you do it everyday and see who knows best?
The answer in short is that if you wet shave every day using a good razor with a good blade, quality shaving cream or soap that lathers well and a good shaving technique, your skin will not be damaged in any way and will not age prematurely as you get older, in fact because of the removal of dead skin cells on a daily basis, your skin may even look younger.
However, a daily wet shave can be detrimental to your skin if you don’t take time to do it properly and you don’t use a quality razor and good shaving products.

Is Wet Shaving Bad For Your Skin If You Do It Everyday?

No – And here are five good reasons why you should in fact wet shave every day…
1. You want to look smart 
Clean shaven and smartly dressed is how many employers would like their staff to be- especially those who interact with customers. Older men who are smart and cleanly shaven, gain respect respect from bosses and colleagues and are socially popular too!
2. You want to look younger
It is a well known fact that facial hair – both long straggly beards and designer stubble – can be ageing. Experts reckon that both can add 5-6 years to your looks. Best to opt for a more youthful clean shaven look.
3. You want to care for your skin
This may sound like a contradiction, but shaving every day using quality products and technique can help keep your skin stay looking good. As you get older, daily shaving does not age your skin. The main skin problems that occur are usually razor rash which is an angry red rash, usually caused by using a less than sharp razor blade and too much pressure.
is wet shaving bad for your skin if you are an older man Make sure that you have the right type of blade for your skin – not necessarily the sharpest, but definitely the smoothest. Most men have found that there are are some blades that they could not use every day on their skin. Use quality soap or shaving cream that lathers well. When buying these products, check they do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS ) or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES). Both of these ingredients are added as they help produce lather, but are also known skin irritants.
4. Wet shaving is environmentally friendly
Using a disposable razor will not only ensure you get a mediocre shave, it is bad for the planet. In the United States alone, two billion disposable razors are ditched every year and end up in landfill sites and because they are made from plastic they will take centuries to decompose. No wonder top conservationist and environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough, wet shaves! 
5. Being clean shaven is far more hygienic
Nothing beats a smooth, close shave and not only will you feel good, but you will stay feeling good. Those with facial hair have problems with keeping their beards feeling soft, smelling good and of course, keeping them crumb-free!
There are more challenges to overcome when bearded men catch a winter cold too.

Why Is Wet Shaving Every Day Bad For Your Skin If You Do It Wrong?

Wet shaving is definitely enjoying a renaissance as it becomes increasingly popular with men of all ages, but particularly, with discerning older men who want the optimal shave.
This is easy to achieve if you follow the example of traditional barbers. They follow the time-honoured routine of shaving…

shaving every day is good for you if you use good products

1. Start by lathering your face using a quality shaving brush that gently exfoliates the skin and releases any trapped hairs. The shaving creams or soap are full of nutrients for your skin too so they help nourish it.

2. Shave using light movements that do not drag on the skin. Shave in the direction of the hair. Use a modern stainless steel razor in a traditional design with a good blade.

3. Gently wash your face in cool water and pat gently dry with a towel

4. Apply skin moisturiser or an aftershave balm.

Discussions about how often to shave and with which style of razor, will continue for years to come. While they do, you can relax and enjoy a leisurely wet shave each day that is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time to yourself too!