How Many Times Can You Reuse A Disposable Razor?

Disposable razors are a really convenient way of shaving and are perfect to pack when travelling – but they do have a limited life!

reuse a disposable razorOn average you can reuse a disposable razor 3 – 7 times before replacing it, but this will depend on the quality of the blade, how often it is used and how much hair it is shaving! 

Another major factor is how you care for your razor – even though it has a short life!

Replacing it is easy as you throw the whole razor away and start with a brand new one, but there are plenty of tips and secrets for getting the best from a disposable razor before you do need to replace it…

When Should I Not Reuse A Disposable Razor?

As soon as the blade goes dull it’s time to ditch your disposable razor. You’ll feel the difference as the blade will start to drag on your skin rather than glide over it. The main reason to not reuse a disposable razor (as well as not getting a good shave) is that you want to minimise irritation and the spread of bacteria. Buying quality disposable razors such as Gillette will certainly give you more shaves per razor than a cheaper brand!

  • A good sign that it is time to change your razor is when the build-up of shaving cream and hair cannot be easily rinsed away under a tap. Even if the blade still seems sharp enough, it’s wise to ditch it because this build-up is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

How Can I Extend The Amount Of Times I Can Reuse A Disposable Razor?

safety razors are best for men with sensitive skinThere are several ways that you can prolong the life of your disposable razor that are worth incorporating in your daily routine.

  • Regularly rinse your razor as you shave. This gets rid of excess shaving cream and ensures a closer shave.
  • To make life easier for your razor if your beard is long, trim your hair first before shaving as disposable razors easily get clogged with hair.
  • When you’ve finished shaving, always give your disposable razor a good clean:

–  hold the razor blade under running water and then gently tap on the side of the wash basin to dislodge any hair or shaving cream/ gel

– clean the blade gently with liquid antibacterial soap – an old toothbrush is perfect for this job- and rinse the razor blade well.

–  place the razor on a dry facecloth and leave the razor to dry naturally.

  • Razor blades are metal so can easily start to rust if left in a wet/ damp place such as a shower – so keep your razor in a dry place when not in use.
  • Always use a quality shaving cream as this will give you a better shave and help to reuse a disposable razor many times and prolong the life of your razor blade.
  • Some disposable razor users recommend ‘stropping’ the blade every time before you use it. Stropping is the term given to gliding the blade first up and down a piece of denim and then rinsing the blade. Stropping is said to strengthen the blade.

When I Can’t Reuse A Disposable Razor Any More, Can I Recycle It?

reuse a disposable razorThe answer is sadly only a partial ‘yes’ – but only for certain brands of disposable razors. Some disposable razors have two parts – the handle and the blades and these can be broken down and disposed of separately.

If your disposable razors do not easily dismantle into two parts, for your own safety, please do not even try.

Some razor manufacturers have started recycling programmes but at present they are in their infancy and only available in certain areas. In the United States for example, Gillette and TerraCycle have teamed up and established a really good programme where users can mail their old disposable razors in pre-paid packets.  Soon eco-friendly disposable razors will be widely available. The first eco-friendly bamboo ones are already on the market but at present are too expensive for the mass market. It is definitely the way forward, because after all, the number of discarded plastic disposable razors must be on a par with plastic drinking straws. According to a 2018 report in Statista, 163 million people in the USA were using disposable razors.

Whether you opt for a disposable razor or reusable one, the most important point is to choose the best type of razor for you. As well as single and twin bladed models, you can now buy disposable razors with 3- 5 blades.

Choosing the best razor for you will make shaving a pleasant experience and will minimise nicks, cuts and razor burn and give you a really good shave. By following our useful tips, you will definitely be able to reuse a disposable razor many times and prolong the life of your disposable razors – but always keep a spare packet in the cupboard as disposables are designed to only last a few days!