Top 5 Things Men Look For In Women

When looking for a soulmate, there are certain things that men look for in women and have on their ‘tick lists.’

Men Look For In WomenIt goes without saying that different men are attracted to certain women and there needs to be a chemistry.

However, contrary to the popular consensus, men are not only interested in their looks

It’s true that men do notice a woman’s hair, her make-up and her clothes and figure but here are some more of the qualities that men look in women… 

Here are are the top qualities that men often look for in women…

1. To Be Respected

Men love to feel respected for who they are and not how big their salary is.

They don’t want to be bossed or controlled by a woman, but instead to be appreciated for the hard work they do and to be admired by a woman for that. This balance often leads to good emotional health in a relationship. 

2. Confident And Independent

Men Look For In WomenMen like to see confidence in a woman. Confidence in their looks and confidence in themselves and their abilities. – especially about what they can and cannot achieve.

Being independent is the key to a good relationship because men feel pressured if a woman relies on him solely for entertainment.

A woman with her own interests and hobbies is important as men do not want a needy woman who wants to be with him every second of the day out of desperation.

Men need their space. Often they like a woman who leads a full life, but also wants to be with him.

3. Kind And Compassionate Nature

Men Look For In WomenMen really like women who are kind and compassionate because as men they feel that they cannot let their ‘emotional barrier’ drop.

They need women who understand how they are feeling. They like women who can read their different emotions and make them feel comfortable to express them.

Men also like women who are fair and reliable as these qualities help them to feel secure enough to express their own emotions more easily. 

4. Positive Outlook

Although life can be a challenge, men love women who have a ‘glass half full’  and ‘can do’ attitude.

When you’re in the company of someone who is always negative, it can be very draining so it is the last thing that men want when they have had a busy day at work. A woman with a positive attitude can really make the difference because if they feel that they can succeed in life, they usually do!

Even if they give something a go and it doesn’t quite work, most men will appreciate that they were positive and gave something out of their comfort zone a go like changing a wheel – true there is a knack, but even if luck wasn’t on her side, at least she gave it a bash! 

5… And A Little Mystery…

Men Look For In WomenIt’s true that many men lament that they don’t understand women. But in reality, they love women who are a little complex in their character with certain cute idiosyncrasies. Especially when they meet someone new – men love the challenge of getting to know her and her personality and don’t want to feel that they know it all after just a couple of hours.

Men like to think that even though they feel they know a woman, that they can still be surprised by her and really appreciate it if she has a flexible attitude.  

Clever ladies, take their time and reveal the different sides of their character slowly. They believe that it is good to keep him wanting both intellectually and physically. That’s what men look in women, look out next time for our post on what women look for in men!!