Our Top 10 Big Brand Aftershaves

Aftershaves are much more than a stylish fragrance in a snazzy bottle!

A good aftershave makes you smell great, boosts your confidence and gives you style. Many aftershaves are made with jojoba and coconut oil and these are soothing and moisturising to skin that has just been shaved.

top 10 aftershaves Aftershaves close the pores and help protect the skin from bacteria. Aftershave also reduces the irritation caused by skin damage and ingrown hairs and also promotes healthy skin growth – so what’s there to dislike about a good aftershave!

There are many great aftershaves on the market, but we bring you news of the top 10 big brand aftershaves…

1. Hugo Just Different For Him

This is indeed a very different fragrance that will assault your senses in the nicest possible way! This is a very fresh and invigorating fragrance created with freesia and coriander with patchouli as the base note – the result is a very masculine and memorable fragrance.

2. L’Eau D’Issey Intense – Issay Miyake

This wonderful aftershave created by the Japanese perfumery, has been popular for 20 years now so it is definitely a classic! L’Eau D’issey Intense will remain a timeless classic as it is both light and sensual. With top notes of yuyu, heart notes of blue water lily and nutmeg and gorgeous long lasting base notes of tobacco, amber and Indian sandalwood, this aftershave suits many different occasions.

3. Sauvage by Dior

Another classic that has a stalwart of fans because its heady blend of amber and fresh, clean citrus produces an aftershave with timeless and memorable elegance. The beauty of this aftershave is that it is perfect for both the daytime and evenings and of course has Johnny Depp as its frontman!

top 10 aftershaves4. Stronger With You Absolutely – Armani

This is one of the popular new fragrances from the Armani stable. This aftershave is seductive and smoky with the slightest hint of rum. It includes chestnuts, vanilla, cardamom and pink pepper.  Not for the faint-hearted, this aftershave will definitely get you noticed and you must ensure you wear it – not the other way round!

5. Invictus – Paco Rabanne

This aftershave is presented in a stylish bottle shaped like a trophy and has been described as ‘victory in a bottle’. Invictus is a light, sporty aftershave that is a clever blend of woody citrus fragrances and aqua. Invictus is very wearable at any time and is definitely a winner!

6. Le Male – Jean Paul Gaultier

top 10 aftershaves Presented in its distinctive and now iconic bottle shaped like a male torso, this classic French aftershave has been popular since 1995. When it was launched, it took the world by storm and changed the character of men’s aftershaves forever. Le Male is a classic blend of vanilla, mint and lavender which makes it warm and memorable. It is the ideal choice for signature fragrance that will take you comfortably from work meetings to leisure time and romantic evenings.

7. Boss Bottled Night – Hugo Boss

This aftershave is mild, warm and simply outstanding. It is a very masculine fragrance with lemon and lavender as its top notes, African violet as the heart note and woody musk and sandalwood as its lasting base notes. This fragrance works well all day through.

8. Dylan Blue – Versace

Presented in a stylish dark blue bottle with gold stopper, this aftershave has fresh and exhilarating top notes of grapefruit with lavender leading into base notes of tonka beans. The result is an addictive and long lasting fragrance.

9. One Million – Paco Rabanne

Instantly recognisable in its iconic packaging, this aftershave has proved popular since it was launched. Gold has always seduced and in its extrovert gold packaging, the aftershave could not fail. As Rabanne described it himself ‘this scent screams luxury’.  It is a warm spicy fragrance, reminiscent of a beautiful autumnal evening. It includes cinnamon, bark and musk with the beautiful base note of soft leather.

top 10 aftershaves10. Explorer – Mont Blanc

This aftershave is perfect for those who love the great outdoors and adventure because it smells like nature captured in a bottle! Explorer is green and fresh with bergamot and citrus scents. It has a heart note of bitter-sweet Haitian vetiver and base notes of woody Indonesian patchouli with a hint of leather.

Some of our chosen aftershaves are already iconic and like a classic music album, others will soon be joining the collection!

Interestingly, there is one aftershave that has proved to be the most perennial favourite of all time – All Spice– which still has an enthusiastic following amongst the over 60s.

Choosing an aftershave is very subjective as it will smell a little different on your skin to others. Spend your time choosing the aftershave that matches your character and style. After all, it is a personal choice, just like your taste in music and cars…