Top 10 Shaving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and didn’t feel happy with how your face looked after a shave, it could be time to assess your shaving routine and address any bad habits that you’ve started to use!
There are so many excellent shaving products on the market nowadays and if you use them with care and attention, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a great shave every time.
Here are the top 10 shaving mistakes, many of which you’ll have made yourself and here’s how to avoid making them again…

alcohol is why aftershave stings1. Using a blunt razor blade

This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many men use a razor that does not have a quality blade. If you use a multi-blade razor the same rule applies – all blades must be in good condition.
A quality blade will last for approximately seven shaves – but this depends on the hair growth. If your razor feels like it’s pulling as you shave, this is a good indicator that the blade needs replacing.
Cheap disposable razors are perfect for a reserve but are not good to use regularly to shave and they generally won’t give you a really good shave.

2. Not preparing your skin properly.

Before you start your shaving routine, it’s essential that you prepare your face skin properly to prevent friction from the razor. This can be done by taking a warm shower and washing your face well in the warm water as this will open the pores of the skin and cleanse the skin of any bacteria.
If you don’t have time to shower. Hold a warm, damp towel on your face for two minutes as this will have a similar effect. 

3. Using a poor shaving soap/cream

To ensure that your razor simply glides over your skin without any drags or nicks, you must use a lubricating shaving cream or soap that has a high fat content and produces a rich lather. Aerosol cans are always low in fat and so are many of the cheaper products on the market and bath soap is a ‘no no’ for this reason too.
Invest in a quality product that also contains essential oils as you will quickly feel how effortlessly your razor will shave and the good condition of your skin afterwards. Lather a generous amount of shaving soap/ cream using a shaving brush and apply to your face. You will also notice that you get a closer shave because using a rich lather applied with a shaving brush helps to lift the follicles ensuring a closer cut.

how to prevent razor burn - side view4. Not understanding how facial hair grows

The hair grows in various directions in different areas of the face and it is really important to understand how the hair grows where, otherwise it is virtually impossible to get a good even shave.
If you simply shave top to bottom you will find that the shaven hair is of different lengths. If you shave in the direction of the hair growth – i.e. ‘with the grain’ – the hair will be longer than when you shave against the direction of the  hair growth (‘against the grain’)
You should always shave ‘with the grain’ of the hair and then shave across the grain. Never shave a part of your face more than twice as this will make the skin sore and inflamed.                                                                                                      

5. Buying cheap shaving products                                                                       

Shaving is definitely not a part of your life where you can economise and still get good results. If you’ve been disappointed with your shaves recently and your skin is suffering from nicks, razor burns and ingrown hairs, it is most probably time to consider the quality of the products you’re using. Many cheaper products have a shorter lifespan making it a false economy to buy them in the first place.
If you want to enjoy your shaving routine and be confident of good results, it is essential that you buy a quality razor and blades, quality shaving soap/ cream and the best shaving brush you can afford.  

6. Shaving too often

It is possible to shave too often and this can make skin sensitive and cause ingrowing hairs. If you can leave shaving just a little longer, you will find that you achieve a smoother closer shave. 

7. Not cleaning your razor blade properly

To ensure the maximum life from your razor blade, it must be cleaned straight after use. The easiest way to do this is by holding it under hot running water to dislodge all the dirt. Once clean, gently tap it to get rid of excess water and then air dry the blade. 
When you’re shaving, it is also a good idea to rinse your razor blade after every few strokes to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged up and shaves perfectly.

top 10 shaving mistakes8. Storing your razor in a damp bathroom

You may well find that if you store your razor somewhere damp that it may develop small spots of rust and these will definitely affect the standard of your shave.

9. Not using your razor correctly

A common mistake is shaving technique. A bad shaving technique can result in angry red and inflamed skin and a patchy shave. Improve your shaving technique and you’ll be delighted with your shave. Shaving is an art form that takes time to perfect.
There is no need to use your razor forcefully – you’ll only cut your skin. A razor should be held firmly, but allowed to glide lightly over the skin. You also need to ensure that you are holding your razor at an angle of about 30º. If the angle is higher, you will definitely see blood and if it is too low, you will barely cut any of the hair.

10. Top 10 shaving mistakes – Blaming a new shaving system

Many men find themselves trying a new shaving system and then after a couple of disappointing days, returning to their old system feeling totally frustrated. This is a great shame and far to early to concede defeat!
A new shaving system needs to be used for a couple of weeks before you can decide whether it really isn’t for you. After all, you may well not be a ‘dab hand’ with the new technique that is needed with this particular razor.
There could be other reasons too, for example, you may not have switched to rich shaving cream and you might be nicking yourself because your lather is not creamy enough and your new razor blade is super sharp.
It’s important to remember that wet shaving is an art form that takes time to master even if you avoid the top 10 shaving mistakes –
‘Sure, to the uninitiated, it looks deceptively simple. Just pass a razor blade over your beard, and voila, you’ll have baby smooth skin.

In reality though, that’s far from the truth.

For it to be an art form, it has to be practised with skill and serious intent. A straight razor is similar to a painter’s brush; one needs to wield it properly in order to create a masterpiece of a beard or recreate the smoothness of baby skin on your mug’. 
Words of wisdom from Naked Armor Razors.