Love Your Beard

If you’ve decided to grow a beard or already have one, then here are some great tips that you may find helpful.

All men have different rates of growth when it comes to growing beards.

Some can grow thick stubble within 24 hours whereas others will need much longer. To achieve your desired beard style and length may be a matter of weeks or for others many months.

But no matter what your rate of beard growth, here are a few tips to get the best out of your beard…

  • Leave your beard for one month before trimming or shaping. Unless you grow the equivalent of Santa’s big bushy mane, then you should be fine to wait that long.
  • To get used to the look and feel of your beard before showcasing it to others, it’s often a good idea to grow it whilst on holiday or during time away from work. Doing it this way gives you the chance to become accustomed to your new look before getting the opinions of others
  • Depending on what style of beard you choose there may be patches of slower growth so you need to be patient and expect that it won’t look its best until you’ve had enough time to grow it properly to cover all areas fully. 
  • Alternatively if it looks like you will have patches where hair doesn’t seem to be growing, you may need to choose a style that suits your particular pattern of hair growth 

A very common problem, you may well have is the dreaded “Beard Itch” but don’t worry this is something that most men will have to go through at some stage in their beard growing life.

Help Beat Beard Itch Fast...

This can easily be fixed by using a small amount of any good quality beard oil such as Gentlemans Face Care Club beard oil every day.

You should always use beard oil very sparingly because if you apply too much it could make your beard look and feel oily.

When applying beard oil to your facial fuzz, you need to take time to massage the oil well in to your beard and also the skin underneath because this helps to lubricate, soften and condition both the hair and skin.

If you want to style your beard then using a beard conditioning balm is the best option for you as this this will provide a little hold, which oil doesn't do.

Caring For Your Beard

Once you have grown your beard, it’s important to take good care of it, there are a few things that you should do every day to get the best from it and keep it looking in tip top condition.

Daily Beard Care Routine…   

1. Wash Your Beard

2. Dry Your Beard

3. Apply a Beard Oil

1. Wash your beard using warm water and a couple of times a week, use a a good quality beard shampoo (We recommend using Gentlemans Face Care Club beard shampoo)

2. Towel dry your beard thoroughly

3. Apply a beard oil to nourish and freshen or a beard balm to shape and style it

Brush your beard gently using a beard brush or comb, working from root to tip

It’s a good habit to get in to wash your beard daily with warm water but once or twice a week you should also give it a proper wash using a mild beard shampoo, specifically designed for beards or you could use a children's shampoo as these are much milder.

It’s best not to use a hair dryer on your beard because this can dry out your beard making it dry and brittle over time causing split ends or knotting.