Back To The Office And A Return To Shaving?

beard careAs more and more companies are now asking staff to return to the office, many men who’ve grown a beard during the months of remote working and lockdowns are now faced with a dilemma – Can they wear their beard in the office, or should they return to shaving?

Beards were once considered a sign of rebellion and lack of refinement, but are now viewed as giving a man a sense of confidence and experience. Many people feel that men with beards are trustworthy, generous and hard working so, as you will probably be credited with these attributes, it is not a case of whether you can wear a beard in the workplace, but how!

Like certain fashion styles, beards are definitely enjoying a great revival but the big difference this time around (last time was the seventies!) is that the modern beard is tidy, perfectly cut and in great condition. So maybe you should keep it and wear your beard confidently in the workplace by following our great tips… 

Have A Well Kept Beard

Keep your beard neat and perfectly well-trimmed and pay special attention to your neckline which should always be clean shaven. Moisturise or oil your beard every morning as part of your daily beard care grooming routine using a quality beard oil. Wash your beard two/ three times a week to ensure that it always looks clean –  if it looks dirty or unkempt, you will quickly lose street credibility.

If you’re going to care for your beard yourself, investing in the right tools will definitely make life easier for you. As well as a good pair of beard trimmers and scissors, buy quality beard moisturiser and balm which will keep your beard looking good and feeling soft, as well as the skin underneath it. If you’re daunted by the responsibility of caring for your beard, many barbers offer an excellent beard service – which could be the ideal solution!  

When A Beard Might Not Be Appropriate

beard careHowever there are a few occupations where beards are not allowed and these include the food industry and food service.

Beards are not allowed in the British Army except on religious grounds, but a ‘full set’  meaning a moustache and beard have long been accepted in the Royal Navy and since 1 September, 2019 can also be worn in the Royal Air Force but those in public service facing roles are not allowed to have beards.

Interestingly, most guidance given about attending a job interview suggests that it is best to be clean-shaven – Especially if the job is going to be in sales and marketing or for another customer-facing role, although this is likely to change soon.

Does Your Beard Suit Your Work?

beard careAlthough beards really have enjoyed a renaissance recently, you’ll need to know the corporate culture of the company where you work as this will vary depending on what sector you’re in.

It won’t take you long to work out whether your new bearded image fits in with your your company’s identity and dress regulations.

Certainly after so many months of lockdown and remote working, the work culture is changing and beards are now much more acceptable so it should be full steam ahead! – but you should definitely check first.

So if that’s the way you’re going, you’ll need to keep it looking great.

Adopt A Regular 5-Step Beard Care Routine!

The ideal time to give your beard TLC is first thing each morning when you take a shower…

1 Either wash your beard or moisten it with water to help get it into shape.

beard care essentials2 Gently dry your beard with a clean soft towel – don’t rub it harshly as this can damage both the hair and skin underneath it. 75-80% dry is ideal. Lightly trim your beard if needed.

3 Apply beard oil.  Warm 3-4 drops of oil in your hands and then gently massage the oil into your beard hair so that it will nourish the skin underneath too. If your beard feels dry afterwards, you need to use a little more beard oil, but if your beard feels greasy, you have used a little too much. 

4 Gently brush your beard into shape using a good quality, natural beard brush. As well as getting your beard to look its best, the brushing will help distribute the beard oil along the length of each hair and will also massage the skin underneath.

5 Apply a little beard balm too, as this helps keep the beard healthy, strong and shiny and will help control any wayward hairs – That’s all there is to it – beard care routine done!! 

Have a great day at work!