Beard Shampoo For Dry Beards


MAKES YOUR BEARD SHINE – A natural skin friendly conditioning wash with added Argan oil which gently but thoroughly cleans without stripping natural oil away from the beard 

✅ SMELLS FANTASTIC – Get the subtle refreshing smell of Sandalwood and Vanilla – Plus you only need a very small amount because it lathers in to a rich and creamy consistency

TURN HEADS WITH YOUR BEARD – Keeps your beard and moustache looking great when used with Gentlemans Face Care Club beard balm and a beard trimmer to style and sculpt the perfectly shaped beard

✅ STOP BEARDRUFF AND DRY ITCHY SKIN – Made in the UK from the best, natural ingredients it will help growth by nourishing and softening your beard – Perfect for men who suffer from beard itch and sensitive skin


Beard Shampoo For Dry Beards

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Do You Wash Your Beard Using A Beard Shampoo Or A Normal Hair Shampoo?

If so, you risk drying it out which may cause dandruff and flaky, itchy skin – A beard shampoo will easily fix this!!

A common problem is how to grow a beard without it constantly getting dirty and smelly. All the food and drink you consume each day can potentially get trapped in the hairs, so ideally it needs to be washed regularly as part of a complete beard grooming process.

Gentlemans Face Care Club beard shampoo is a mild formulation made from the purest ingredients right here in the UK under strict EU regulations.

Unlike other beard shampoos, it lathers up in to a luxurious foam to thoroughly clean and nourish your hair and face at the same time.

We’ve also added Argan oil to our formula which is well known for its highly conditioning properties, so it helps to stop an itchy beard, split ends, skin irritation and gives your beard a healthy glowing shine.

Our beard shampoo is gentler than traditional shampoos and because of this it can be used most days before applying a good quality beard oil – Plus a little goes a long way so you only need a small amount to give your beard a thorough deep cIean.

This beard shampoo is vegan and cruelty-free and has no parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorants added, plus the 100ml bottle will last for well over 20 washes depending on your beard length.

WORRY FREE SHOPPING – Our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee – If there is anything wrong with our beard products in any way, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked – If you’re not totally happy, just let us know about it.

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